Spotlight On…Bermondsey Street Bees


At Lincoln Plaza London we seek out the best independent, socially conscious food suppliers around London. This month we would like to share the story of our fascinating honey suppliers, Bermondsey Street Bees.

Dale Gibson, the pioneer of Bermondsey Bees, realised in 2007 that the roof of their Victorian sugar warehouse would be the ideal haven for bees in the heart of London. With views overlooking the Shard and surrounded by rooftop gardens and park areas, this was the perfect place to keep bees. In 2007 Dale completed his beekeeper training and installed the first hives, starting the extraordinary journey into bee welfare and honey production.

The business is continuously working with the local government, businesses and communities to promote the importance of planting new forage in London’s open spaces. Not only are Bermondsey Street Bees working relentlessly to support the future of honeybees, they are an iconic micro-brand and have won many awards for their products, most notably being an award at the 2016 Great Taste Awards.

As well as managing their own honey production, Dale and his team produced their ‘Metro’ and ‘Union’ labels which allow them to curate limited edition honeys from other English beekeepers with the same philosophy.

Bermondsey Street Bees are our top honey supplier for the hotel. You will find their produce on sale in our Grocer, as well as appearing in many of the spectacular dishes in our eateries.