Our partners

Lincoln Plaza London works closely alongside the Shiva Foundation. The Foundation was established to reduce modern slavery in the hospitality industry.

If we can harness the power and enthusiasm of the hotel industry, we can create an anti-trafficking movement that has the resources and capacity to really fight human trafficking. By working with the hotel industry, we have created a dynamic model that seeks to tackle human trafficking across supply chains, within recruitment, and in local communities.

Stop Slavery Blueprint

We have been working to develop a toolkit for the hotel industry to address the main risk areas regarding modern slavery in the sector. The Stop Slavery Blueprint includes tools for hoteliers to use regardless of what stage they are at in their anti-trafficking journey. The toolkit has been launched after piloting it in one hotel and then rolling it out across the Shiva Hotels group. We have consulted with anti-trafficking experts, government agencies and the wider hotel industry to ensure it is fit for purpose. You can access the Blueprint here. Lincoln Plaza London has implemented the Stop Slavery Blueprint at the hotel with all team members trained to identify and act on indicators of modern slavery with our guest, team members, and supply partners.

Industry Network

The Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network brings together various stakeholders within the hotel industry to address human trafficking and modern slavery. The Network, which Shiva Foundation coordinates, stems from the acknowledgement that all actors within the industry, whether international brands, independent owners, or management companies, are responsible for combatting this crime. The Network aims to facilitate communication between these complex layers and to foster collaboration to meaningfully address inherent challenges. For more information on tackling human trafficking through the hotel industry, read our Theory of Change.